Things to do in Sibiu | A visit to the Brukenthal Palace Avrig

The recipe for an unforgettable day is for sure Brukenthal Palace AVRIG.
brukenthal palace AvrigThe decor and the summer garden of the palace are like a fairytale kingdom, full of trees and flowers, especially tulip trees.  There are only a few places in our country where the tulip trees grow, and the Brukenthal Palace of Avrig is one of those places. The tulip trees  are one of the attractions of the summer residence of Baron Samuel von Brukenthal.  At this time of the year, they bloom, giving the visitors an unforgettable view. The tulip tree found at Brukenthal Palace is about 250 years old, and it still has the power and vigor to offer an amazing spectacle for the eyes and souls of those who prefer to take a stroll in the middle of nature, on the alleys of the park, where the yellow tulips are shining, like precious stones. brukenthal palace
The tulip tree is declared a monument of nature, and there are only a few of them all over Europe. The origins of the tree are the forests from the east of North America. If you are looking forward to see the incredible garden, you can go to Brukenthal Palace. 
You can also spend wonderful moments in the Orangery restaurant.
The Orangery serves international dishes as well as traditional Transylvanian dishes. Ingredients used in the preparation of dishes are purchased from local producers, who respect the true values: traditional cultivation, quality and taste. You will enjoy not only the dishes prepared with great attention, but you will also enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the restaurant, whose panoramic windows will reveal a unique view of the baroque garden.
Starting from spring to autumn, you can enjoy the culinary offer under the clear sky and in the shadow of the old trees. brukenthal palace meniuDepending on the season, blooming roses, lavender, dahlias and many other flowers will delight your senses. During the afternoon you can relax in a pleasant ambience and atmosphere, sipping a coffee or tasting cakes, tarts or a hot apple pie. Cakes are prepared with seasonal fruits: apples, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and plums.  You can also try organic products such as sweets or syrups.
Aside from all these specialties, we recommend you try the seasonal menu based on asparagus. Asparagus is very delicious, both self-serving with sauce and as an ingredient in other foods such as soups, pasta, risotto, fish and seafood dishes. The palace kitchen can offer you asparagus cream soup, salad with pesto and asparagus, shrimp tiger fried with pesto and risotto with asparagus, chicken breast, pork or beef tenderloin, beef entrecote, salmon, all served with Hollandaise asparagus sauce and natural potatoes with butter and parsley.
And what’s best is that if you make a reservation for the Brukenthal Palace using Travelscounter, you will have a 20% discount on your bill. Now isn’t that lovely? Enjoy!
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