Just hours to go until the 24th edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS).


Although it no longer needs any presentation, Sibiu International Theatre Festival is the most important theatre and performing arts festival in Romania and sustains a creative dialogue at a European and international level. The 24th edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival is starting in just a few hours, and it will take over the entire city between 9-18 June 2017.

fits 2017

“Love” is the main theme of this year’s edition, according to festival’s director, Mr. Constantin Chiriac, who declared : “This universal force is love. Love is light, love is gravity, because it makes people feel attracted to each other. Love is power and gives humanity the chance not to perish in its own blind selfishness. For love we live and die. Love is God and God is love. This force explains everything and gives meaning to life. Love is the most powerful force that exists. It is imperative to feed on this form of energy that is love, to save the world and find the meaning of life. We are still not ready to create a bomb of love, to remove hatred and selfishness that devastates the planet. The theme of love is the theme that governs this edition of the festival. And in this spirit, at every meeting I will recite a poem about love.”SIBIU INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL 2017 (FITS)

Theatre, dance, contemporary circus, music, film projections, exhibitions, book launches, special conferences, play reading performances, workshops and student performances from all over the world will be presented in both performance halls, classic and unconventional, as well as on the main streets and squares of Sibiu. This year, FITS will showcase one of it’s most complex programme yet, including about 500 carefully selected events, in 67 venues, during 10 days, for 650.000 people who get to experience the creative side of life. The programme of FITS events is extended in 2017 to include the places of worship in Sibiu, Mărginimea Sibiului and the Transylvanian fortified churches route – The Evangelical Church in Cisnădie (Heltau), The Evangelical Church in Cisnădioara (Michelsberg), The Evangelical Church in Guşteriţa (Hammersdorf) , The Evangelical Church in Roşia (Rothberg) – thus adding a new dimension of the festival headlined by organ concerts performed by Romanian and international artists.

Of course, we’ve studied the programme quite carefully, and we find it hard to pick just some shows out of the many promising events. But still, there are some highlights we will be more than looking forward to!


brodsky-baryshnikov-SIBIU INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL 2017“BRODSKY/BARYSHNIKOV” is one of the first shows that caught our eye. Presented by the New Riga Theatre – Latvian state theatre, “BRODSKY/BARYSHNIKOV” is a one-man show directed by Alvis Hermanis. It is based on the poems of Nobel laureate, Joseph Brodsky, interpreted by renowned dancer, choreographer and American actor, Mikhail Baryshnikov. “BRODSKY/BARYSHNIKOV” was nominated for “Performance of the Year” at the Latvian Theatre Awards and the actor was nominated for “Actor of the Year” at the same awards ceremony. Alvin Hermanis has also received many awards, such as Europe Prize New Theatre Realities, Stanislavski Award, two Golden Mask awards (Moscow), Max Reinhardt Pen (Salzburg Festspiele), Nestroy Preis (Austria) and Wolf Konrad Award (Germany). He returns at FITS for the second year, after having received a star on the Sibiu Walk of Fame.

The two heritage-performances “Faust” and “Metamorphoses” directed by Silviu Purcarete, are also on our must-see list for this year. As this years marks 10th anniversary of Sibiu European Capital of Culture, it is not by chance that the Radu Stanca National Theatre is coming back with “Metamorphoses”, a performance that celebrated the events of 2007. And “Faust” has received such high praises over the years, that we could not even imagine FITS without it!

Another much awaited performance, the project “..Aquel Silverio” – “…That Silverio”, focuses on the current state of flamenco, and the main pillars of this art, such as Silverio Franconetti. It’s a production based on research, on the recovery, analysis, study and reconstruction of dance forms, singing, music and the way in which they were made.

Returning to Sibiu, Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company brings us two representations of “Air Condition”. They are planning to stage a performance that will impress the audience with suspended dancers, combining energy with flight over the stage and the artistry of modern dance. We’ll all get to see tango mixed with hip-hop and ballet, and live music, composed especially for this performance.

But of course, besides the indoor theatre, dance, circus and music performances at FITS, you can also take part in the outdoor street performances, play readings, special conferences, book launches, workshops, film screenings, the drama and art management universities convention or the Sibiu Performing Arts Market. As we dsibiu fits 2017o each year, we are all looking forward to the spectacular opening events, that will take place in the old town. Entrance is free for outdoor events, as well as for special events – special conferences, play readings and part of the film screenings. 

FITS will keep you fully entertained these next 10 days! Access to see the full programme, and to make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

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Enjoy Sibiu, and LOVE FITS!

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