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What is ? is an online discounter, which guarantees you save money while you travel! The goal of our site is to offer and guarantee users a discount of 10, 15 or even 20% off the entire bill, in selected venues.

How does work? gives you acces to some of the best venues Sibiu has to offer. You can use to acces an ALL DAY DISCOUNT, which guarantees you a 10% discount in any venue you wish to visit during an entire day. Or you can use to make a reservation at a specific venue. In this case, depending on your preferences, you can enjoy discounts of 10, 15, or even 20% off the entire bill! HERE you can find detailed informations about using

Do I have to sign-up?

Signing-up with is a personal option. You can use as an un-registered guest, but with some limitations. We encourage you to sign-up with us, in order to enjoy some of the other cool and free features of our site. First of all, as registered user of, it will be easier for you to place an order, you can choose favorites, and you will have permanent access to your reservations. Also, as registered user, you'll be able to engage in some friendly conversation with other users. Fun, right? :)

How much do I have to pay?

The cost of using is of only 1 euro (plus VAT). You pay 1 euro (plus VAT), and you get to either claim the ALL DAY DISCOUNT, or BOOK&SAVE and choose the venue where you will receive a 10, 15 or even 20% discount off the entire final bill.
The cost of 1 euro (plus VAT) also includes the work of our team, which will manage all your reservations, so you could enjoy the best Sibiu has to offer.

Why are there 3 different types of discount?

The three types of discount we offer at are directly linked to the venue's position. Thus, you will be able to enjoy a 10% discount in all highly central venues, a 15% discount in all the venues close to the city center, and a 20% discount in all the venues located outside the expanded central area of the city.

Are there any limitations to the discounts?

No. The discounts can be used in any type of venue in Sibiu. Depending on your prefferences, you will enjoy a discount off lunch, dinner, or drinks in a club. Also, when arriving at your selected venue, no limit is imposed. You will be able to order absolutely anything off the venue's menu. The 10, 15 or 20% discount guaranteed by will be applied to the entire bill.

How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?

As soon as you've completed the reservation process, a confirmation page will appear. This page shows all of your reservation details, including the reservation number.The information will also appear in the “my reservations” section of your profile, and in a confirmation email we will be sending you.