Things to do in Sibiu | FITS closing weekend

This year FITS brought the summer, and FITS brought the love!


This year, love drew people to Sibiu.

The first three days of FITS XXIV Edition have cut down all attendance records, with more than 70,000 people being present daily in street and indoor performances. Fits brought us 10 days of megaspectacles, unusual theater pieces and fabulousstreet shows. Unfortunately, time passed and we have just a few days left of this amazing festival. A colorful weekend was announced in the heart of Transylvania. So, are you ready?

fits sibiu 2017
Let’s see what are some of the most interesting shows FITS is preparing for this closing weekend!

The first day of the weekend starts fresh in the morning, at 8 o’clock on the outside wall of TNRS. This show is called “The horizontal newspaper” Vol. 5. It will be hosted by Dan Perjovschi & CO. Dan Perjovscji is a local artist and he created drawings in museum spaces ( most recently the Museum of Modern Art in N.Y.C. ). Be there and meet this talentated visual artist! 

Starting with 9 am, the Gong Theatre will host a photo exhibition, called “Attitudes”.

At the same time, but in another venue – the “Imparatul Romanilor” Hotel – you’ll be able to admire the Romanian Folk Masks exhibition. And if you want a breath of “fresh” air you can go to a workshop – “Simplicity is very sofisticated”.

In fact, if you are a workshop lover this day is definetly for you! You can go to a workshop at the Students Culture House in the Orange Hall starting with 10 am – ” Acting Outside the Box: The actor as a Co-Creator”.

Later on, starting with 4 pm, at the Gong Theatre you can see “Do you speak emoji?” , a theatre performance by Gigi Caciuleanu. Movie lovers can go to Habitus, to see “The Phantom Father” (2011). And at the same time, at Cavas-ULBS you can enjoy a great theatre piece – “Three Legs”.

At about 6 pm it’s starting to get “crowded”, and you just have to choose your favorite show:

1)Gong Theatre – All over your face – Theatre piece. The ticket price is 30-25 lei.

2) Radu Stanca National Theatre – Brodsky/Bayshnikov scenete. Ticket price is 40 lei.brodsky-baryshnikov-SIBIU INTERNATIONAL THEATRE FESTIVAL 2017

3)Evangelic Churh to change the vibe and hear some beautiful music – Jangada de Pedra. Price 20 lei.

4) At the Sinagogue- Lux Aeterna – price 20 lei.

5) The National College Octavian Goga – a beautiful theatre production – Macbeth. Price 25-30 lei.

Starting with 9:30 pm it’s time for some theatre! You can enjoy “Metamorphoses”, “Deambuloscopy”, “MEDE/EA” or “About domestic happiness”.

Saturday is even busier! In the morning, it’s time for exhibitions and workshops. But as the day unfolds, theatre and circus take over the programme.

At 4 pm, you’re again invited to Habitus, as you wouldn’t want to miss an outstanding picture – Toni Erdmann (2016) .

By 5 pm, music takes over, and you can choose to enjoy some Fado at the Saint Joan Evangelical Church, or a street show right on Nicolae Balcescu – “Youth, Rhythm and Harmony”.

The evening continues with theatre, circus and dance. And because the closing weekend should really be special, you probably shouldn’t miss another representation of “Faust”, at 10 pm.

The last day might be a bit sad… but it promises to be the best day!

sibiu fits 2017Spectacular circus demonstrations will leave the audience dazzled.

And if you love dancing, Spanish sensations and flamenco, don’t miss the show 8 pm show – Andalusian Flamenco Ballet. This is going to be just warm-up, as at 10:15 pm it’s time for the highlight of the entire day. Be ready to dance and feel the rhythm with Kadebostany!

Kadebostany is a band from Geneva. It was founded in 2008 in what they call the “European republic of Kadebostan”. The band has a very unique visual stylistic identity and its powerful live performances and music videos (by SuperMafia) reflect that. It’s a unique opportunity to have fun dancing to their music and to listen to exceptional songs.

Of course a special fireworks show will close the day and the festival. At 11:45 pm be prepared to see Sibiu shining bright like a diamond!

We’re sure you loved Sibiu and FITS, so start getting ready for #fits2018 ! And when you come back to Sibiu, don’t forget to use Travelscounter to see the best restaurants and locations in the city! See you next time!

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