First Fall Weekend in Sibiu | Concerts, parties, pottery and more

 Fall is right around the corner, and we’re looking forward to it!

Although many may think summer is the busiest season in Sibiu, fall also has some aces up its sleeve. And this first fall weekend is, well..just perfect!

festivalul de pe scari

We’re starting off with one of the most original events Sibiu has seen for 4 years now: The Stairs Fest. It all takes place, you guessed it…on a set of stairs. Just not any set of stairs…the set of stairs connecting the Lower Sibiu to the Upper Sibiu. 
It’s the perfect place for jazzy sounds, magic moments, live music, energetic workshops and more! Add good, craft beer, natural honey, and some breezy prosecco, and there you have it…perfect hangout place for the next three days. Make sure you stop by on Friday, so you won’t miss the amazing Dreamcatchers Band concert, starting at 21:00. And after listening to some great music, you could pop in for dinner at Weinkeller Restaurant. They have some killer wine and amazing dishes. And if you make reservations using the Travelscounter – Weinkeller page, you’ll get 10% discount off the bill!

focus festivalThis weekend is also hosting another fresh and amazing festival – Focus Festival 2017, 5th edition.
For three days, Focus Festival brings you some of the coolest artistsAlternosfera, Robin & The Backstabbers, Luna Amara, Gojira & Planet H, Domino, XTR Human, Next Ex, Busola, Trees Orchestra, Dandies, and DSCNTD.
The line-up for this anniversary edition is just awesome!

Plus, it’s all happening outdoors, in the Sub Arini Park, so you’re bound to love liquid the clubit!
And as if that wasn’t enough for you to really look forward to this festival, we have even more good news for you. This year, you can meet and greet you favorite artists, at the smashing after-party that’s taking place this Saturday at the one and only Liquid the Club. Make reservations for this event using the Travelscounter-Liquid the Club page, and you’ll get a whopping 15% discount off the bill! 

Party season is, like, really ON this weekend!

This Saturday marks 1 year of #epic backyard parties. Outdoor and indoor all day and all night! This is Backyard!
1 #strong  year, 7 #cool parties, thousands of party people, millions of unforgettable and unique memories.
It’s the 1 year anniversary and it’s time to celebrate as they know best – by throwing a huge Backyard party, Saturday, 02.09.2017 at the friendly Equestrian Club in Selimbar.

stefan biniak
The main guest for this anniversary is the famous Stefan Biniak coming from Germany just for you! Backyard’s own Dj Cipi Hampu and Dj Alex Zara will also make sure you dance until you drop! Let’s get lost on the dance floor!
Tickets are sold at the door only, and it’s 30 RON till 00:00 and 40 RON if you arrive there after 00:00.
So, you’re in for a long night, because this weekend it’s party o’clock!


Amazing as it is, this weekend isn’t just about parties. Actually, for some years now, everybody knows that the first weekend of September is all about the much awaited Potter’s Fair. 
More than a hundred craftsmen from all over the country will be present this Saturday and Sunday, in the Big Square. It’s the 51st edition, and we’re hoping to see just as many to come!

potters fair
The fair is open to visitors from 9.00 to 20.00, and the entrance is free. So feel free to get your gang together and spend an unforgettable day in the gorgeous old town of Sibiu.
Children will be able to learn the art of pottery, in the workshops offered by the ceramists, you’ll get to see some amazing potter’s wheel demonstrations, and even buy some unique pottery pieces.
And if you’ll get hungry, we know a place where you can sit down, have a killer goulash, and enjoy all the scenery of the Big Square: La Taifas Restaurant. Make reservations using the Travelscounter-La Taifas page, or just pop by with your ALL DAY DISCOUNT code, and you’ll pay 10% less for your bill!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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