Sibiu Music Fest, a Big reason to party in the Big Square.

Let the madness begin…’cause this week, in Sibiu, we’ll definetly be hearing the sound of music. From traditional music, to pop-rock, hip-hop or classical music, there’s plenty of music festivals to choose from.

Sibiu Music Fest finds itself at its first edition. And you shouldn’t miss it, because this Saturday, 9th of September, the stage will be filled with some of the most loved Romanian artists : Delia, Connect-R, Whats Up, Alina Eremia, Puya, Vescan Official, Lora, Irina Rimes, Raluka, Maxim, Dorian Popa, ADDA, XOXO Oficial, Rita, ARIAS – and these are just a few!

sibiu music fest

The good news? The Big Square is filled with terraces on which you can enjoy the concerts while at the same time enjoying great dishes and drinks to match the fun. La Turn, La Taifas, Mustache Caffe or Perla Timis Ice Caffe are just a few of our recommendationsWe’re talking about wide terraces, with good visibility towards the stage, and plenty of space for the little ones to consume their energy. For all new moms out there, it’s also good to know that Mustache Caffe is the first place is Sibiu to post the International sign for breastfeeding, and welcomes breastfeeding moms.

The even better news? There’s an amazing afterparty, starting at 23:00, at Liquid The Club. It’s your chance to see and meet all these amazing artists, regardless if you are a crazy fan or not. And either way, a #selfie is worth taking!

liquid the club

It’s going to be another epic party, with Dj Cipi Hampu and DJ Zara Alex, alongside MC SO taking care of all the fun. So, you better write it downthis Saturday is fun day! Make sure you make reservations using the Travelscounter – Liquid the Club Page, and you’ll get access to the best party, and 15% discount off the bill!

Romanian traditions and festivals in their home.

muzeul astraAnother must-stop for this weekend? The Astra Village Museum, in the Dumbrava Forest. Besides getting to visit one of Transylvania’s most valuable and important museums, you’ll get to enjoy a special event, filled with tradition. This Saturday and Sunday, between 11:00 am and 20:00 pm, it’s all about the 12th edition of the “Folk Music Bands and Fanfares” Festival.

If you ask usit’s worth it, as it is a little bit more than just a festival. It’s about tradition, dancing, a true celebration of the traditional Romanian village. Our country is one of the few in Europe that can still pride itself with stories hidden in songs by the keepers of traditional custom. The Lake Stage will host a Country Fair – where there will be traditional cooking, fresh air, and lots of good cheer. So let’s just say that as a Romanian tourist at this Festival you’ll rediscover yourself, and as a foreign tourist, it will be your chance to discover us!

Before heading back to the city, you might want to stop by Hilton Sibiu. You can have a hearty meal at Camara Boierului – their traditional restaurant. Or maybe a subtle drink at the English Bar, or a more fancy dinner at the exquisite Versailles Restaurant. And if you use the Travelscounter ALL DAY DISCOUNT, you’ll also get a 10% discount on your bill!

The George Enescu International Festival

Classical music lovers, rejoyce! This weekend, The George Enescu International reaches Sibiu. It is one of the most impressive festivals of this kind. Just think about it: 80 events and over 3.000 guests from Romania and abroad, during 23 days of festival. The first events took place on September 2nd in Bucharest. For Sibiu, 5 recitals have been announced. The first one, bearing the „Enescu” name, will take place at the Lutheran Cathedral in the Huet Square. The L’Arpeggiata Ensemble & the countertenor Philippe Jaroussky will take the stage for the first time in Sibiu this Sunday, September 10th, at 19:00. They have already increased the number of seats by 20, to match the great demand. Same goes for Maxim Vangerov’s recital, September 22nd, at the Thalia Hall. You can still find available tickets for the rest of the recitals. And we’re talking about the recitals of Quatuor DIOTIMA , Viktoria Vassilenko – piano, and Erzhan Kulibaev – violin

george enescu festival

Here’s a tip: you can purchase tickets on eventim.ro and from partner stores like Vodafone, Diverta and Humanitas Bookstores.

Take advantage of this great festival, dress to impress and enjoy the mirage of classical music. And keep in mind that all these recitals will have you roaming the central areas of the city – the Nicolae Bălcescu Boulevard, the Big and Small Squares. So, for when you get hungry or feel like unwinding, take a look at the Travelscounter Venues section to find great restaurants and locations centraly located, which offer 10% discount off the bill.

Rivers of good beer and good fun.

All this talk about music, fun and food made us thirsty, and we’re in so much luck! Craft Fest Sibiu brings us the secrets of beer, the drink that had its recipe first carved în stone more than 5000 years ago! This Saturday and Sunday, the Cetății Street will be home to Craft Fest Sibiu, a festival that aims to promote craft beer brands from Sibiu and the rest of the country. Between 11:00 and 23:00 you’ll get the chance to sample a dozen kinds of beer, straight from their producerscraft fest sibiu

The producers will also introduce you to what are the traits of a good beer, how it should be consumed, and with which type of food it can be paired. Good things to know, if you think how much we all love beer. Romanians alone drank 30 billion beers last year!

Oh, and women should definetly take advantage of this festival. The relentless british researchers say that women who consume beer have an increased cognitive activity. In other words, they’re smarter! How’s that for a final argument? 😉

And on this note, we hope you have a really fun weekend in Sibiu! You sure have plenty of activities to choose from.

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