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Let’s talk about recipes. Good recipes.


Like when you “add” a celebrity chef to an iconic location in Sibiu. And it seems like this is the best recipe for La Turn, the first restaurant to open its gates in the Big Square. After a very successful appearance in a top cooking show on national television, Chef Erdei Lorant has joined the team of La Turn and has been, for a couple of weeks now, running the kitchen of the location we all know and love. 

La Turn has always been a popular spot, mostly due to its perfect location, both in the Big and Small Square. Over the years, the chefs there have tried to leave their mark on the place, and opinions have been rather…diverse. While others loved the place and the food, some only appreciated the place. You could say some are pickier, but one must acknowledge the fact that when it comes to food you have to search quite a bit until you find that perfect…recipe.

chef erdei lorantWith this new (and very promising) addition to its team, it might seem that La Turn has found the perfect recipe. Chef Erdei Lorant was born in Satu Mare, and now a new and very cute “factor” – his baby girl – made his set camp in Sibiu. He has worked in important restaurants in Hungary, Germany, and France. He took part in a famous Romanian cooking show, in Chef Scarlatescu’s team. And although he didn’t take home the big prize, he was one of the most appreciated competitors of the show’s edition, being the competitor who was highlighted by the courage to offer the jury bold and tasteful dishes. This led him to the semifinals of the competition, where he won the people’s love and sympathy.
And this super talent is now head of this great restaurant in the heart of Sibiu, where he waits for you with a new and amazing touch. 
The new menu of La Turn is now more condensed, while at the same time offering something for every taste! From appetizers to salads, hard-to-pronounce mains, enticing desserts, and even pizza, you can have a true culinary experience at La Turn. So there you have it…the perfect location, and the perfect menu! We watched Chef Lorant in action in the kitchen, and we can say…he is superstar material! And while he got busy preparing an awesome dish, we got busy asking him a couple of questions.

Travelscounter: Which specialty from the new menu would you recommend to your customers? lamb chops

Chef Erdei Lorant: Personally, I am a big fan of the lamb chops in aromatic herbs crust. And if you’re looking for something lighter, you could try some salads specially designed by different varieties: chicken, beef, salmon, shrimp.

T: What’s your opinion about Romanian cuisine?

E. L.: Our Traditional cuisine is a bit outdated. It’s rich and varied, but I think that reinterpreting Romanian dishes is essential if we want to grow in this area.

T: What is the concept of La Turn and what does it bring new to Sibiu from a culinary point of view?

E.L.: Regarding what we want to do … we’ve made a collage between French, Italian and traditional cuisine. And I can say that some of our specialties must be tried at least once in a life!

beef saladHaving tried the chef’s recommendation – the lamb chops – we must say that new menu, new chef, new flavors… seems perfect for us!

And what’s really great is that if you make a reservation for the La Turn using Travelscounter, you will have a 10% discount on your final bill. So give the new menu a try. Chef Lorant and La Turn will not disappoint!

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