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 We’re still enjoying  wonderful autumn days with plenty of sunshine and temperatures over 20 degrees. Even if Saturday is gradually cooling and there are some chances of rain, there is no reason to put your adventures on hold. 
And because the weather allows you, start exploring Sibiu! There are so many things to see: museums, memorial houses, events, exhibitions, fairs, beautiful people and very important we are here for you at any hour to give you a happy pack full of  infos about this  wonderful city.
On our website you can see the best restaurants in Sibiu and on our blog you can find the best infos and recommendations for your free time in Sibiu.
For example, it’s good to know that this week, until Sunday, 22th  October, Astra Film Fest Festival continues. More than 2,000 films from 73 countries run during this amazing event. The schedule and all the details are available here
It’s also veeeery good to know that if you’re looking for fun and good music, Liquid the Club never dissapoints! This Saturday night is time for another epic night. One of the most beautiful and famous tv stars will join the party. So, get ready to get down with the one and only Gina Pistol, on DJs Cipi Hampu and MC Rosso’s music. Book your table with us for Liquid the Club and you will get 15% DISCOUNT to the final bill! Talk about hot infos!
liquid the club


Swedish (hot) Dads
photo exhibitionA unique event takes place these days in Sibiu. The Embassy of Sweden brings the exhibition “Swedish Dads”. Its opening takes place today at 18:00 at the Astra Museum in Sibiu and it will be open to the public until November 5th, 2017. The exhibition tells the story of the fathers who, in Sweden, are increasingly choosing to go on a paternal leave and take care of raising their children. The photographs show how Swedish fathers perceive the role of the modern man, in contrast to the role of the traditional, paternal stereotype.  When Swedish photographer Johan Bävman became a father, he realised there was a lack of male models to represent a parent model. This led him to create a photo album called the Swedish Dads, which shows 20 Swedish fathers on paternal leave, along with their children.
The Swedish Dads exhibition is being premiered in Sibiu and aims to analyse the reasons why these fathers decided to stay home, taking care of children, more than most fathers around the whole world.
What did this mean to them, how their relationships and their children were affected, and what expectations did they have in advance? Questions that might find their answer in the photos exhibited.
INFOS For book-lovers
For those who love reading, especially specialty reading, we present the Health Book Fair “AlterNativ”. The event starts this Friday, at 10:00, at the Astra library. It brings together both publishers who will present their offer of health books, personal development and spiritual evolution, as well as the most valuable specialists in the field of traditional, complementary, preventive and curative therapies.
The book stands will be complemented by interactive conferences and workshops in the fields of Ayurveda, Astrology, Energy Analysis, Aromatherapy, Natural Food, Biotherapy, Crystallotherapy, Ergotherapy, Feng Shui, Phytotherapy, Physiotherapy, Bach Floral Essences, Quantum Medicine, Numerology, Tarot, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and other techniques of ancient healing methods from European, Oriental and American space.  
Potato week
In the most special setting, the Brukenthal Palace of Avrig, between the 14th and 22nd  of October, gastronomy lovers are invited to the “Potato Week”. The star of this event is the tasty potato, and the feast of this vegetable will culminate on October 21st with a gala where the special guest will be the one and only Corina Chiriac. The organisers promise a potato menu, complex and full of originality and creativity.  The story of this event is not a coincidence. Apparently, more than 200 years ago, the first potatoes in Transylvania were planted at Baron Samuel von Brukenthal’s yard. He introduced Avrig to potato cultivation, aiming to improve the everyday life of the people.
You can find out more about this event on their Facebook page. It sounds very promising, so you might want to give it a go.
We know what you’ll do on Monday
A  great surprise at Atrium Classic Cafe. On Monday,  October 23rd, at 20:00,  the  “Vagina Monologues” by Eve Ansler will be staged. The organisers say it’s a 5-stars show. Serenela Mureşan, Cristina Ragos and Codruţa Vasiu, three actresses consecrated on the stage of the “Radu Stanca” Theatre will give you a piece of humour of the best quality and a fantastic spectacle, far from being vulgar.
The text underlying the show was first played in the basement of a Greenwich Village café. Then it was translated into 48 languages and was played in over 140 countries. Among the actresses who have performed this  exceptional text we have Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, Glenn Close and Susan Sarandon. Surely Monday night we have to be at Atrium Cafe,  Small Square no. 16. The price of a ticket is 20 lei. And if you will book your table for Atrium Cafe on our website, you will get 10% DISCOUNT to the final bill.
Happy infos, happy days for all! Enjoy!
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