Sibiu is very much alive and fun these colder days, because all the excitement is moving…indoors.
In a friendly building, located on Nicolae Balcescu – the main street of the old town- you will find Imperium Pub, one of the oldest and most known pubs of Sibiu, a place where live music is a trademark. The place hosts many concerts and cool events, and it is known for the support it gives local artists. And on that note, now it’s time to be a bit serious. It’s time to see who is the best.. of the best!


The biggest Karaoke concert with a live band is finally back in town! If you love to have fun and shine bright like a diamond on stage doing what you really like, Imperium Pub has prepared this event especially dedicated to people like YOU!

imperium pubThe contest is held each Thursday, with the exception of the auditions that will take place on Mondays, and the grand final that will take place on December 21st.  The starting time for each edition is 19:00.
For the first phase of the auditions, the public also gets to vote for the winners. During the auditions, each contestant needs to interpret 2 songs of his / her choice. At the end of each evening, only 3 participants qualify for the next stages. Two of them will be elected by the jury and one by the audience and the jury also. Things will get tougher in the semifinals as a professional jury will join the audience for the vote. And in the final battle experienced musicians will decide who will take home the big prize, who will be THE VOICE OF IMPERIUM 2017! 

Be careful! The public vote can save the competitor’s road!

The highest rated competitor of each evening receives 12 points, the last competitor being awarded with only 1 point. On Facebook  you can vote your favourite competitor with a ‘like’. It’s free…so you can do it witholocal artistsut any doubt!
The grand final will be held on December 21st…It might seem like a long journey, but actually it’s going to be full madness, and time will fly! The contestants will have to learn new songs, from the organisers playlist, and they will actually sing  live, alongside a real band! We’ll also get to see them singing duets with local artists, or other contestants. It’s going to be tons of fun!  
Every competition has prizes, and this is just the case for Imperium’s Live Band Karaoke Contest.
The top 3 positions will be rewarded for their talent, as follows : the 3rd prize is a 400 RON gift card, the 2nd prize is a laptop and the BIG PRIZE is 1000 euro.

This event will be full of fun and surprises,  so we must invite you there .

You decide in which role : the star of the evening or just a part of the lovely audience.
If you trust your voice and adore being in the spotlight, don’t think too much! This is the perfect opportunity to show your mega star qualities, and own the stage. Subscriptions are made at the email address – or by phone: 0764541802.
But if you’re not a fan of the stage, and you’re just looking for a nice way to spend some autumn evenings, come by Imperium to support future artists. Single, with your friends or family the fun will flow all night long. And when you add delicious cocktails, good beer, great snacks and good music, you sure have a perfect recipe! 

pub food
Add a discount to your bill, and it’s even better!
If you want to be sure you’ll be at a table in Imperium Pub every night of this competition (and not only), book
your place now! We have the perfect tool to help you book your table in the best way. Access Travelscounter, find Imperium Pub in our Venues list, then click the BOOK&SAVE button, and you get your table and a 10% discount off the bill. It’s that simple!
So, sounds like we’re going to have some great autumn nights, with quality music and awesome people!
See you at Imperium Live. It will be FUN!

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