The Brukenthal Palace of Avrig hosts the Plant Zoom summer camp during the first three days of August. Camp at the palace… it sounds kinda grbrukenthal palaceeat, right? Organized by the Transylvania Project Association, together with the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Cluj Napoca, the summer camp hosts children and teenagers who are interested in learning more about micro flora and micro fauna in the Brukenthal garden, about the Tulip Tree, the Dutch garden, The English garden and the French garden, about the history of the orangery.
The event takes place between 1-3 August. During these three days, the kids will get the chance to identify the microflora and fauna of the Brukenthal Palace’s garden, take part in practical activities, and attend discussions about genetically modified organisms. Children will get acquainted with rare plants like the 250-year-old tulip trees in Brukenthal’s gbrukenthal palacearden. The tulip tree or Tulipan is a tree originating in the forests of North America and grows so rarely in Europe. In fact, only a few are left in Europe, and the ones in Sibiu are the oldest in the country, thought to have been brought here by Samuel von Brukenthal himself. They are a marvellous sight, as each of the tulip trees in the baron’s garden is over 30 meters high, with trunks so thick they can be held only be 4 or 5 people at a time. Now, these are some really big trees! 
The rest of the garden is also absolutely miraculous… Rare plants with a rare beauty, cared for with the greatest love … you can enjoy it too if you choose to go to this camp! 
You can book your kid’s spot at the summer camp by calling  0269.523.111 at the Summer Palace reception or directly on the Brukenthal Palace’s Facebook page. The price is 100 ron and it includes one lunch. You can also camp here with a tent. Great memories can be made in tents…so don’t miss this opportunity.
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Pay less, smile more, and enjoy your weekend!

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