Well, you sure chose well! It’s that time of the year, time for the holidays, when families gather together, when friends reunite, and when everybody wants to explore a new place where the Christmas feeling is present. All you need is good accommodation.
Christmas is not just about a “white and red” Santa or colourful gifts, Christmas is more then this. It’s more about the moment when people discover hope and love.
And there’s no better place for you to experience the magic of Christmas than at probably the most beautiful Christmas Fair in Romania : the Christmas Fair of Sibiu. Sibiu is one of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns, a historic city known worldwide for it’s beauty and architecture, and also for the Cultural Capital of Europe title, received in 2007. And now, Sibiu is also the Christmas Capital of Romania. Or so we declare it. 😉

Beyond it’s glorious past, the city has a special air. It is said that it’s enough to come here once and you will certainly return for a second or even third time …Or, maybe even move here, as Forbes magazine named Sibiu “Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live”. As it has become more popular over the years, with tourist numbers increasing continuously, Sibiu’s accommodation options have become more diverse too. It so happens that if you want to check-in right in the heart of everything, you can choose from quite a big number of spaces.

An amazing option if you never want to leave the Small Square is The Council. It’s a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Sibiu, right in the building with the Council Tower, a few steps away from the Bridge of Lies and the Big Square, a couple of hundred meters from the Brukenthal Museum, the Huet Square, the Church of St. Ursuline and many more! Each of the 10 rooms comes with a perfect view of the historical center of Sibiu. With prices varying between 50 and 149 euros per night, it’s not a low-budget option. However, it’s totally worth it! Especially if you think you’ll actually be breathing history, as the building in which the hotel operates is Sibiu’s first city hall. Hence the name – THE COUNCIL.

Just a few extra steps further you’ll find the Luxembourg House. Yes, we spelled it right, Luxembourg. The 3 star Luxemburg House, is one of Sibiu’s most particular accommodation options. The building in which it operates still features the original 13th-century architectural elements. Each room has it’s own particular style, and from each window you can closely observe what’s going on in the historic center – concerts, street theater, festivals. Moreover, if you want to visit Sibiu and it’s surroundings, you can do it in organized tours, guided tours provided by the owners. Also, evenings are magical here! In the restaurant on the ground floor you can enjoy theater plays, concerts, or just enjoy a quite dinner while listening to fine piano music arrangements. The prices for accommodation vary between 50 and 100 euro per night, and it would be best to make arrangements early on, as it is quite a popular location.

Also in the old town, but a bit out of the way of all the madness, you’ll find Teatro, a somewhat new addition to Sibiu’s hotel scene. Teatro – Hotel & Restaurant is the option that combines the stay in the historic center with culinary passions. The room rates go from 59 euros per night, and here you’ll find the perfect spot to catch a break. The furniture is painted in warm colors, and the decor is quite special, as it is prepared down to the last detail. In addition, you can serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, all prepared by the finest chefs in the city. Wagyu beef is the star of the place.

On course, all highly central hotels come at a price, if you want to be part of all the action. But if you like to approach the idea of a friendly budget, it wouldn’t hurt to choose the 4-star Hugo Guesthouse. It’s a lovely guesthouse, in a quiet area of Sibiu, a 15-minute walk from the historic center. Hugo Guesthouse also features a bistro and offers free wi-fi access and air-conditioned rooms. The menu of the day at the on-site bistro can be a set menu, or you can make your own by choosing from a list of dishes. Such a menu costs no more than 4 euros, and the prices for a room at the boarding house are, on average, 50 euro per room.

On the other hand, Sibiu offers alternatives somewhat more quiet and far removed from the historical center, and they are 5 stars. Literally! The famous Hilton brand has a hotel in Sibiu at the very outskirts of the city. Of course, you can expect nothing less than 5-star services! Hilton Hotel in Sibiu also offers 3 dining options, a spa, and spacious rooms, elegantly furnished and equipped with the latest audio-video technology. The hotel is right next door to the Sibiu Zoo and the Astra Village Museum in the Dumbrava Forest, 2 top tourist destinations in the city. Accommodation prices start from about 90 euros per night, and they include breakfast and complimentary spa access.

If you’re looking for something truly special, you can choose to stay at the Ecvestria Guesthouse. It’s a secluded and quiet place situated on a hillside, away from the urban turmoil. The pension has 4 rooms, of which 2 twin and 2 matrimonial. The rooms are spacious, with wooden furniture and a unique and different interior design, and each has direct access to the yard of the Equestrian Club. So, those interested can learn to ride a horse from professionals in the field. Those who have been around have come back every time and said that prices are standard (around 40 euros/night), but the atmosphere is high class.

There are organized tours you can choose to explore the area, or, better yet, you can choose to have your whole stay here.   This being said, have you ever imagined checking-in at an apple orchard? Probably not, but we’re here to tell you that such a place really exists. Situated a few kilometers from Sibiu, in the lush area of Cisnadioara, on the edge of a forest, Apfelhaus Pension lies right in the middle of an…apple orchard. It offers 32accommodation places, divided into 15 rooms. The place has everything you need for an unforgettable stay – restaurant with German and Romanian specific, grill, playground for children, tennis and football field, jacuzzi, sauna, and on request,  you can take guided tours with experienced guides. Depending on the period you choose to stay here, the prices start at 30 euros/night.

Another great option for accommodation in the Marginimea Sibiului? Probably the most famous guesthouses of them all…Pension Mai. And if we think about it, it’s owners might be more famous than the pension itself. Everybody knows and loves Mary and Șoru, and many come here just to have a bite of the homemade delicacies made by Șoru himself! Of course, the environment is a visual bliss, as you have the Cindrel Mountains behind the guesthouse and the Stezii Valley alongside, so that might be another reason the pension is so popular. At Pension Mai there are 64 accommodation places in elegant rooms (31 single and double rooms & 1 apartment), with private bathroom, balcony, TV, telephone, minibar, wireless internet access, sauna access, outdoor swimming pool with heated water. And once you get passed all these “technical” details, let’s get to what you’ll love most: the food. You’ll find some international dishes, but really it’s the Romanian food you should focus on. Most of it is homemade, and the recipes are the old traditional ones, so you’ve gotta trust us, you can’t go wrong! Moreover, if you like to fish, you can do it here, and then the chefs will cook your own “capture”. The rates for accommodation start with 48 euros per night, with breakfast included, but for stays longer than 5 days this price may decrease.

By now, we’ve taken you through almost every part of Sibiu, and still, there is more! Sibiu is in a mountain area, so it would almost be a shame not to climb up to Paltinis, especially during wintertime.  Situated in the Cindrel Mountains, it’s a known fact that Paltinis is the highest mountain resort in Romania, with it’s 1440m altitude. No matter the season, there’s always something for you to try up here : ski, snowboard, adventure park. It will take you about 1 hour to get to Paltinis, maybe more during peak season. So if you want to really enjoy your activities, you might want to consider staying there for a night or two. A good option is Perla Paltinisului, a tourist complex that consists of two guesthouses and a restaurant. Out of the 2 guesthouses, the 4 daisy building is rather new, as it was completed in 2009. And the best part about staying at Perla Paltinisului? The price is only around 20 euros per night. 

Well, there you have it. A looot of options! Most of them covering both the accommodation and eating out needs. To help you decide, you can take a look at the best restaurant in Sibiu.  You can choose your favourite, and if you make reservations using Travelscounter, you’ll get 10,15 or even 20% discount off your bills.

Happy holidays, see you at the Christmas Fair!

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