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Welcome October, with your cold days and good vibes! We are moving further away from warmer days, but still Sibiu remains electrifying. There’s plenty of concerts, festivals and a lot of events that will enliven the city. No matter which one you are attending, don’t forget to light up your nights as well.

atrium classic cafe

This Friday, October 6th, at Atrium Classic Caffe, from 21:00, Paragon jazz band hosts a great concert. The four members – Peter Ehwald, a German saxophonist, Arthur Lea, a pianist from London, Matthias Nowack, the bass player and Jon Scott the drummer – created the image of one of the most sensible and intuitive musical ensembles of the European jazz scene. Trust us, it’s worth listening to them, especially now, when the entrance is free and you can get a 10% discount to your final bcenaclul flacaraill with reservations made using Travelscounter.

The same evening, in Imperium Live, at 22:00, you’ll get to see Antract and Paul Manolache. To get there,you only need good vibes and a reservation – the last one comes with a 10% discount off the bill! Also in Imperium, Saturday evening, Andrei Paunescu, the son of the poet Adrian Paunescu and Florin Thomits invite you to a witness majestic music, poetry, dialogue, and emotions. It will be a memorable evening during which the organizers want to build a bridge between the past and the present to recall the phenomenon and spirit of “Cenaclul Flacara”.


If you are a refined wine savvy or just love to have a glass now and then, you should not miss VinFest. It is the 2nd edition of this festival dedicated to quality wine. 13 representative cellars from Romania and the Republic of Moldova will come to Sibiu from the 7th to 8th October on Cetăţii Street. To name just a few, there will be Jidvei, Cotnari, Recaş, Budureasca, Histria, Halewood, Carastelec, Gabai, Casa Bunescu, La Sapata, Boieru and Gorgandin. And a welcomed new participant this year will be the Cricova cellar, from the Republic of Moldova. So, we come back to one of the most beautiful streets in the city, with the best wines, great food, good vibes, six bands and well-known jazz artists who will perform during these two days. What could you possibly want more?


And because October is a colorful month any traveler can stop at the “Young Festival”, which takes place from October 7th to 15th . The event is at its third edition and for nine days artists from Belgium, Czech Republic, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania and Ukraine will present in Sibiu an eclectic program dedicated to performing arts for children and adolescents. The organizers say this year’s edition is a balanced and diversified one.

youthThe program is announced to be an exciting one. Each play will tell you a story, raise a problem, and debate a theme that is worthy of anyone’s attention. The opening of the festival will take place this Saturday, October 7th,at the Gong Theatre, with the Plip puppet show in Porto (Portugal). You can buy tickets for this perfomance ar any other show within the festival, here.


The sports lovers will have what to see this weekend. Friday, October 6th and Saturday, October 7th, the Super Special Rally of Sibiu takes place. The event is the final stage of the Dunlop National Rally Championship, the Dunlcarsop National Rally Championship 2 and the National Historic Competition Vehicle Championship. The festive start will take place this evening, inthe Big Square, at 20:00. The car and speed lovers will see an unforgettable show. Attention, however, for the good performance of the event there will be many restrictions both in the city and in the county. More details on this topic can be found here. If you feel the “need” for speed don’t think too much and be there!


Also this weekend, more precisely between the 6th and 8th of October, a new edition of the Wedding Fair will take place at Redal Expo. It is an event that brings you all the magic of wedding, whether you are going or not to take this step. From the latest trends to the smallest details, you’ll see it all at this event! Check it out you are only curious or…you are in love and it’s game over!

We’re ending our article with a friendly reminder. Wherever you choose to go this weekend in Sibiu pay great attention to how and where you park. Local authorities announced that illegally parked cars will be picked up, and this month including those unjustifiably parked on spaces for people with disabilities. The fines are high and the recovery of the cars will be expensive. So be careful! Oh, and be sure to check out all the best venues in Sibiu. Choose your favorite, and make reservations for you and your friends – you’ll get up to 20% discount to your bill! Sending everyone good vibes for a lovely weekend!

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