Coming to Sibiu? Then, in a city with such a strong German heritage, you should pay a visit to a true symbol of Romanian faith.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is the second largest orthodox church in Romania, right after the one in Suceava.


The people of Sibiu wanted to build a big cathedral in the old Sibiu, as a symbol of their orthodox faith. The Metropolitan bishop Andrei Saguna asked Emperor Franz Jozsef 1st for permission to send a circular to his diocese requesting that priests and laymen give donations. He sent the letter and the first donor was the Emperor himself, who gave 1000 gold coins. So, their wish came true on the 5th of August 1902, the anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph 1st. The first foundation stone of the future cathedral was set then as a sign of gratitude for his support in the building of this cathedral. On that day Romanians from all over Transylvania came to Sibiu to take part at such a big event.

The Orthodox Cathedral was built in Byzantine style after the plans of architects Virgil Nagy and Kommer Jozsef from Budapest, and it’s very similar to Saint Sofia Church in Istanbul. The result is a large building with a symmetrical composition and a central plan that is trying to resume the elevation of a Byzantine basilica. The frescoes and dome paintings were made by Octavian Smigelschi and Arthur Coulin.

The exterior is in red and yellow brick. The spacious nave is bordered by smaller spherical roofs and four towers: two smaller octagonal ones, and two larger ones near the entrance with a square base that becomes octagonal in the bell area. The ends of the towers are shaped like double bulbs, with a skylight in the centre. The main entrance is through a portico with three semicircular doors. Behind this and between the main towers is an ample semicircular vestibule with a similarly-shaped stained-glass window, while the outside is adorned with round mosaics showing Jesus and the Four Evangelists. The cathedral has a capacity of 2000 people, and it is almost 54m long and 25m wide in the centre. The dome is 25m high, even 35m on the exterior, while the spires are 43m high.

Through its greatness and architecture and through the beauty of the iconostasis, the cathedral is a magnet to Romanian and foreign tourists who wish to discover the secrets of the orthodox faith.

holy trinity cathedral | Inside View

Located at 35 Mitropoliei Street in Sibiu, it is the seat of the Romanian Orthodox Archbishop of Sibiu and Metropolitan of Transylvania, Laurentiu Streza.

Locals gather here on Sundays and holidays. Others come here every time they want to have some time alone to pray and to find peace. It is also preferred by those who want to have a sumptuous wedding or want to have a nice memory of the baptism of their child.  Theology student choir often performs here. On Christmas or Easter people come especially to hear the choir sing.

Visiting the Cathedral can be quite overwhelming. So don’t forget to have a break before or right after you visit it. There are many restaurants and coffee-shops in the old Sibiu, and using Travelsocunter you get 10 % discount for each restaurant bill.


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