Feeric Fashion Week 2017 | 10th edition

Get ready now, Feeric FASHION WEEK IS here! 

Sibiu is now on the map of international fashion weeks thanks to Feeric Fashion Week. This festival is the most creative fashion week from all over the world…and our country has now quite a fashionable name thanks to #Feeric.

This year’s edition is quite special, as it marks 10 years since it all started. The genius behind it all, Mitichi, started everything 10 years ago and today everyone is happy to #feelfeeric!
The Feeric Fashion Week’s anniversary edition starts tomorrow, July 17 and lasts until the 23rd. 7 days of style and beauty, and over 50 fashion shows. It sounds spectacular!

feeric fashion week
More than 50 fashion shows, bloggers and influencers from all over de world, fashion journalists from famous magazines like Fashion news Live from New York, VOGUE Italia, Schon Magazine from London, Peplvm Magazine, Le Fashion Post from Paris, Backstage Collection from Los Angeles and many more, all together for Feeric Fashion Week. 
Besides designers from important fashion capitals, this year you’ll get the chance to see designers from all over the world –  from Argentina to Hong Kong, Indonesia to Chile, Paraguay to Netherlands.
To name just a few – Bianca Popp, Mariana Morar, Natalia Manza, Charles&Ron, Paulita Erazuriz.

feeric sibiu

Important people from the fashion world will be here, so don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of Feeric Fashion Week! 
Feeric Fashion Week comes with a really heavy agenda this year, so here are a few of the events you might not want to miss.
The first day of the fashion world will unfold at the Tăuni domain where Irina Duțu Zgâia will present a collection which is inspired by children’s stories, so starting with 14:00 we will see the inspirational collection from the pages of Alice in  Wonderland.  The next collection, signed by Vali Cioban, will be presented at 17:00 o’clock at the Jidvei Castle from Cetatea de Baltă.
On July 18th the show moves to Sibiu and we can admire the creations of the students from Cluj Napoca Art and Design University at Redal Expo, starting with 14:00.
At 17:00 it’s time for a trully spectacular event, at the Sibiu ZOO. Mariana Morar’s collection will be presented on anchored boats on the lake of the Garden, and guests will get to see the design from pedal boats. It will be spectacular…amazing…it will be WOW!
Starting with 19:00, Versailles by Buonavista will be the host to an amazing photo exhibition and party, all in honor of Feeric’s vice-president and world renowned blogger, Landiana. 
At 14:00 on July 19th, it’s time for the Secret Code of Fashion at the stone quary of Turnu Rosu.  And starting with 17:00, the Clay Castle of the Fairy valley will be the scene for Modement. Which introduces us to the Hong-Kong culture. At the House of Arts, at 20:00 we’ll enjoy the show signed by Ivan Sihinolfi, a show focused on details.
Wednesday is also the day when we can start admiring evening shows, and Natalia Manza is the one that breaks the ice at 22:00 at Redal Expo, with a precious collection.
We’ll also see Djamba Lydie’s collection and Lui by Luiza.
feeric sibiu
Bianca Popp returns once again to Feeric Fashion Week. We’ll have the chance to see her latest collection in a cool show at the Boromir factory, Thursday at 14:00.
At 17:00  it’s time for the amazing Charles&Ron, one of the oldest foreign designers present here in Sibiu. From 20:00, Alina Moza takes over the Big Square and presents a collection which is inspired from geometric shapes. The second evening at the Redal Expo will be open by Pimpi Smith – an argentinan designer. Le Pampillon, Retno Tan, Visori and Mario Karavasilis will complete the shows of the evening.
Friday, Cylia Dora will present her collection at the Brukenthal Palace of Avrig, starting with 14:00.
Lavinia Ilies will showcase her creativity at 17:00 in the Village Museum. And at 20:00 it’s time for the passage of the stairs to be absorbed by the collection of Paulita Erazuz.
At Redal Expo, starting with 22:00 we’ll get to see the IED Show,  Tenue de Saf, Michelangelo Winklaar,Bianca Popp and Lenor by Traskin.
The Fashion week ends on Saturday- 22nd July. The first show of the day, by Sarah Jessy Jones, will take place at 14:00 at Sibiu Rășinari tram. Afterward, at 17:00,  Adriana Goilav will show her collection at the CFR train depot.
Later on, at 19:00, the German’s forum Mirrors room will hold the IED conference.
And then starting with 21:00 it’s time for the long-awaited Small Square Feeric Fashion Week Gala!feeric fashion week
This year’s edition promises to be huge.
And curiosity has struck us so we asked Mitichi a few questions. 
The man and genius behind Feeric Fashion Week took the time to give us a few more insights into this year’s major event.
TRAVELSCOUNTER: We understand the 10th edition is preparing a special program?
MITICHI: Every edition is special, but this edition is an important anniversary for us. We worked nights and days, and we’re still working to polish everything. Feeric Fashion Week reopens gates to fashion photography through two exhibitions to be held during the festival. 
We have many spectacular surprises … you will see them all. 


T: How many designers are set to come this year to Sibiu?
M: This year we were limited at 40 designers from all around the world. But we’re also expecting many many bloggers and fashion influencers … so be prepared to meet your favorite fashion blogger. 

T: Each year you’ve arranged for some spectacular shows, in unique locations. Which are the locations chosen for this year?
M: We will see fashion shows in the  Sibiu ZOO, Tăuni area, Turnu Roşu stone quarry, Sâmbăta de Sus Clay Castle, Sibiu Squares, Stairs Passage in the historical center, CFR Depot, Sibiu – Răşinari. We hope we see you at all the events!

We’re feeling super excited about this upcoming week, and we’re ready to #feelfeeric! If you too choose to join us in celebrating 10 years of Feeric Fashion Week, remember : you can use Travelscounter to get discount codes for all the best and most fashionable restaurants in Sibiu. Enjoy!

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