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Trattoria Ciao Italia - Italian food experience in Sibiu

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Restaurant | Italian cuisine



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Child-friendly; Outdoor Seating; Wi-Fi; Accepts credit cards; Parking

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Mo-Su 12:00-24:00;


Dr. Ion Ratiu No.9, Sibiu, Romania


One of the main reasons why Italian food is so loved throughout the world is that you can find it almost everywhere. But it depends very much how it's made. If you want to feel like on holiday in Italy, let us be your tourist guideand recommend Trattoria Ciao Italia. Torta Fatta in casa con ciliegie e how delicious does that sound?! If it sounds good, it must taste even better...and at Trattoria Ciao Italia it's exactly like this! The menu is filled with mouth-watering dishes, and once you try some of're forever innamorato! Trattoria Ciao Italia is cooking pizza, pasta and secondi just as you would have them in Italy. So, Italy...not so far away! You can find it here, in Sibiu, at Trattoria Ciao Italia.

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