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Perla Paltinisului - Accommodation and restaurant in the mountain area

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Restaurant | Romanian cuisine



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Child-friendly; Outdoor seating; Parking; Wi-Fi; Accepts credit cards

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Monday- Sunday: 07:00-24:00


DJ106A, Păltiniș, Sibiu, Romania


Enjoy the clean air of Paltinis and the tranquility of authentic fairytale-like landscapes. If you're looking for accommodation and great food, you can visit Perla Paltinisului. Translated, Perla Paltinisului means Paltinis's pearl, and it is exactly that! The pearl of the most beautiful mountain area of Sibiu. You can book a room, and you will enjoy the fresh air and the view from one of the best spots in Paltinis. And from all that fresh air, you'll definetly be hungry! So you'll be able to relax, and taste a wide range of delicious dishes, mostly traditional romanian ones.

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Perla Paltinisului - accommodation in Sibiu -