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Mai Lounge - Awesome parties and food for a perfect night out in Sibiu

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Outdoor seating; Wi-Fi; Accepts credit cards; Parking

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Mo-Thu 09:00-24:00; Fri 09:00-04:00; Sat-Sun 12:00-24:00;


Bulevardul Victoriei nr. 42, Sibiu, Romania


Your day could be different! Take a break from the city center and all it's tourist attractions, and visit MAI Lounge. MAI Lounge welcomes everyone, being prepared to serve you all hours of the day. You can enjoy a good cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast on the terrace, or a savory lunch when it comes the lunch time, and of course at dinner time they're serving tasty dishes, alongside fancy cocktails. It's also the perfect spot if you're thinking about weekend plans, and it has become quite popular for it's parties. It's a great getaway from the city's constant noise and also close to nature as the biggest park of the city is just steps away

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Mai Lounge - night out in Sibiu - parties and food -