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to make going out even more fun! We've got the best restaurants, coffee-shops, pubs and clubs in Sibiu!

How Book & Save discount works | Travelscounter

First of all, use our friendly filters to help us present you with the best choices, whether it is a restaurant you're seeking, or a night out at the best clubs in town. You can choose how big of a discount you will receive, the type of venue, the time, the number of people that will accompany you. If you like a specific venue, you can book it directly! You book your spot in a top restaurant in Sibiu, and at the same time you save money, because we're giving you the best restaurant deals! And if you wanna dance the night away... BOOK&SAVE again!

We offer
10% discount in all highly central venues
15% discount in all the venues close to the city center
20% discount in all the venues located outside the expanded central area of the city

How Book & Save discount works | Travelscounter

After setting the filters, we'll be providing you with 3 possible options, and all you have to do is choose one. Not a fan of these options? Not a problem! Just click "LOAD MORE", and our system will provide you with three more. After selecting one of these options, it's time to fill in your contact details (a hassle, that's why we encourage you to register with us :) )..

How Book & Save discount works | Travelscounter
How Book & Save discount works | Travelscounter

And after that, it's on to the secure payment. You can pay using paypal, card or by sms. Either way, you pay only 1E (plus VAT) and we're guaranteeing your spot at your favorite venue, along with 10, 15 or even 20% discount applied for the total bill!! No food vouchers, no restaurant coupons, and no limits to your order!

Please bear in mind that :

  • reservations will not be made earlier than for the next day.
  • you may loose your discount if you are more than 15 minutes late.
  • the discounts cannot be applied in conjuction with other discounts or promos.

Now you know how it works...go claim

your discount!

How Book & Save discount works | TravelscounterBOOK&SAVE

Pay less, get more! The way!

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How Book & Save discount works | Travelscounter