Quick guide : more major events in Sibiu

If you are in Sibiu this week, HERE’S A QUICK GUIDE ON WHAT TO DO.

First of all, take a look at the best venues and locations in Sibiu. Aside from all the festivals and events, it’s good to know where you can enjoy great food, at discounted rates. Second of all, please dress well and take your umbrella with you. We might see some sun, but there’s a better chance of rain, so it’s good to be prepared. 
Then, the World Peace Day, celebrated worldwide on September 21st, will be marked in Sibiu by a Human Chain as a sign of peace. It all takes place at the entrance on pedestrian Balcescu street from the ASTRA Park, starting at 15.00.
It is also very important to know that Friday, September 22 was declared a “Carless Day”. Thus, between 8:00 and 20:00, access will be restricted to the Small Square, Huet Square, Schiller Square, the Archives Street and the Centumvirilor Street. The markets and streets will be car-free that day.
All those who choose the bicycle as a means of transport on Friday will have free access to the Gong Theater Spectacles, the Zoo, the People’s Bath and the Astra Traditional Folk Civilization Museum (the outdoor museum in Dumbrava Sibiului). Shared public transport, buses in the city will also be free of charge in the same time slot.

A festival of 11 days

CibinFEST 2017 piata mare sibiucan easily be called the event of the week. So it must be first in our guide. It lasts 11 days, from September 21st to October 1st, and it’s the kind of event you can’t miss. CibinFEST takes place in the Great Market. There will be a giant tent, an autumn fair, and a fun park.  And lots of great food!
This year’s event comes with two German weekends. The first will be animated by a new Oktoberfest band – Die Dorfer from Austria, and the second one’s fun will be provided by the Hermannstadt ’07 Symphony.
CibinFEST is very popular because it caters to all types of taste. While babies have fun in the amusement park, food lovers can choose between grilled chops, delicious sausages and homemade pickles, and music lovers enjoy concerts every day, starting with 19:00.
Access to the event is free of charge. You can find more information here, and most importantly you can make reservations if you want to stay at the tables.
CibinFest is truly a colorful, fun event, perfect for you to try it!

The country’s most important male tennis tournament

For a few days now, we’ve been enjoying Sibiu Open 2017 – the most important male tennis tournament and the only ATP Challenger tournament in Romania. Couldn’t leave this out of our guide! It started Saturday, September 16th and it will end on September 24th. There have already been some interesting days, with the first results coming in, and with the First Lady making an appearance. And for sure the best is yet to come, if you consider that 13 US Open participants are at this year’s Sibiu Open also!tennis

It’s definitely something you could try, as it is an exciting and relaxing option at the same time. Tennis is also called the “white sport”. The name comes, on the one hand, from the equipment of the players which were completely white in the past, and on the other hand it is a clean competition, without cheating and with respectable players, being considered one of the most beautiful sports in the world. Take a look at the next days’ schedule, and take your pick.

A festival and a musical journey over time

sibiu Saturday, September 23rd and Sunday, September 24th, you can find yourself in the midst of the youngest music festival in Sibiu.
The first edition of the “Street Music Festival” takes place in the Small Square, and the special guests are the “Budapest Ragtime Band”, which the organizers say is one of Europe’s most beloved entertainment bands.
Public access to this event is free of charge.
This year’s edition is all about “RAGTIME” – the style of optimistic and engaging music that has caused a stir between 1895 and 1918. The style was chosen for this first edition in the context of this year’s celebration of Scott Joplin, “The King of Ragtime,” who passed away 100 years ago. So if you love traveling in time, “Street Music Festival” gives you this opportunity.

For Comic Books Lovers

comic stripAnd if you happen to be in the Small Square between September 22nd and 24th, you should check out the Hermes House. It houses the 5th edition of the Comic Strip Festival – a festival for comic books afficionados, collectors and children. For this event, over 30 comic book designers and authors from 6 countries (France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, Serbia and Romania) are coming to Sibiu. So, be prepared for workshops, comic books matches, exhibitions, live-drawing, conferences, projections and album releases.
If you love comic books, this festival is not to be missed because it is one of the leading events in the graphic arts field in Romania.


poets in transylvaniaOver 30 poets from over 15 countries on three continents have gathered in Sibiu for the 5th edition of theInternational Poetry Festival. So, if you want to get drunk on lyrics, be at the Cinema Hall of the ASTRA Museum at House Hermes, Thursday, September 21st, at 18:00, for a poetry reading. If you miss this one, don’t worry! There are more poetry readings taking place Friday and Saturday, at 18:00, at the Lutheran Cathedral, and the Habitus Bookstore.
The entrance for all public readings is free, within the limits of available places.
You will be hungry after so much poetry, so you should make reservations for a top restaurant, where you get 10% discount off the bill – food and drinks, no limits!

Talk about the perfect recipe for your free time in Sibiu!

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